Hi there, welcome to my site. I will endeavour to keep it updated and as interesting as my limited technological skills allow!

I am a freelance riding instructor, behaviour trainer, horse trainer, clipper and trimmer, horse geek and general all-round dogsbody, based in beautiful East Norfolk. My main aim is to make our horses’ lives just that wee bit easier; whether it’s improving rider position and communication, encouraging  empathy for the horse and problem solving issues on the ground, or making that first experience of clipping as stress-free as possible. Please get in touch if you think I might be of assistance in any way, or if you just want share ideas and have a chinwag!

Amy has helped me reconnect with my horse after we both got into some bad habits. Rather than highlighting what I was doing wrong, she explained what I needed to do, how to do it and why you do it like that – suddenly everything made sense. I’m so relaxed now, my horse is relaxed – riding is sheer pleasure again. Can’t wait to have more lessons with Amy to expand my knowledge and to gain more skills and even better technique. 
Thanks Amy 

Hatty Benfield

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