Hello, and welcome to my website.

My name is Amy Craske, and I am a riding instructor, biomechanics coach, equine behaviour trainer, clipper, trimmer, and general horse geek, based in beautiful East Norfolk. My main aim is to make our horses’ lives just that wee bit easier; I chose the word ‘Holistic’ because I want to encourage people to look at their horse’s lives in an all-round, holistic way, and to develop their empathy to look at things from their horse’s point of view. It is very rare that issues we have with horses can be resolved with a miracle cure!

I can provide;

Ridden lessons – focusing on horse and rider biomechanics for a more harmonious partnership, improving balance and stability in the saddle, and increasing rider confidence

Off-horse biomechanics sessions – using a saddle horse, we can explore and experiment with different aspects and feelings in your position, with a horse that never gets bored of standing still!

Groundwork training – to help people prepare horses for ridden work, and improve the daily interactions between horse and owner – and the relationship!

Equine behaviour consulting – looking at your horse’s daily routine and living conditions from their point of view, and how it may effect their health and well-being, finding ways to enrich their lives and finding ways to resolve behavioural issues

Clipping and trimming – with an emphasis on making the experience as low-stress as possible for the horse

Riding school – I sometimes also teach at Croft Farm Riding Centre in Filby, Norfolk, if you would like to improve your riding but don’t have your own horse, or aren’t able to use your own!

If you would like more details, please go to About Me and Services. If you would like to get in touch to make a booking, or just discuss your horse with a sympathetic ear, please go to the Contact Me page. To hear more about my life with horses, go to the Blog page. Let’s work together to make our horses happier!

Amy has helped me reconnect with my horse after we both got into some bad habits. Rather than highlighting what I was doing wrong, she explained what I needed to do, how to do it and why you do it like that – suddenly everything made sense. I’m so relaxed now, my horse is relaxed – riding is sheer pleasure again. Can’t wait to have more lessons with Amy to expand my knowledge and to gain more skills and even better technique. 
Thanks Amy 

Hatty Benfield

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